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Moti­va­tion vs Procrastination

One of the big­gest conflicts in life is the one bet­ween moti­va­tion and pro­cras­ti­na­tion. Let’s dive into this. Moti­va­tion is not just a word; It is an essen­tial ele­ment to life. Accor­ding to Wiki­pe­dia, the word itself is made on two part: Moti­ver and ation. As I speak French, I confirm that the word moti­ver is com­mon­ly used. In Moti­ver you will find the word Motive. It repre­sents the rea­son for the action. The action, in this case, is the ation ending that means lite­ral­ly, the action of. To wrap it up, Moti­va­tion is the action of having a rea­son of an action.

For the word pro­cras­ti­na­tion, I will sum­ma­rize it as the action to delay some­thing. As you can see, these two words are not in pure oppo­si­tion. I could have a rea­son to post­pone some­thing. The main pro­blem here is to find the moti­va­tion to do things right now ins­tead of delaying it.

We all have plen­ty of occa­sions to delay things in our life. But as you know, time play against us. For sure we won’t bring any of these in the tomb. Like any­thing of value, when we have plen­ty, we tend to deva­luate it, but when scar­ci­ty appears, we lose our means. Unfor­tu­na­te­ly, time can only be spent.


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