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Take time to read my pre­vious posts. They are impor­tant to the unders­tan­ding of this thread. As I said, my digi­tal free­dom gave me the occa­sion to create a new life. Eve­ry day I am gra­te­ful for my deci­sions, and the ins­pi­ra­tion that made me chose this path. Digi­tal free­dom is the 21st-cen­tu­ry revo­lu­tion. Eve­ry­thing is chan­ging in a short term scale, but on the long term, we’ll see this exo­dus from large cor­po­ra­tions to smal­ler ones and even­tual­ly to indi­vi­dual ones.

I’m a natu­ral opti­mist. I know that human has an incre­dible capa­ci­ty to adapt. It will be the ground for this revo­lu­tion. The pic­ture is quite clear to me; it is a migra­tion to digi­tal places for the mains­tream. Auto­ma­tion will take more and more area. People of the next gene­ra­tions will be more and more know­led­geable and like nature always did, we will adapt to the sur­roun­ding world.

Why should you wait for this to hap­pen? It is alrea­dy here. I could com­pare this as if a new weal­thy world was wai­ting for you, but you would pre­fer to wait for the last boat. You’re still free to decide, but in the end, you just let time slip into your hands and it will never be pos­sible to get it back.

To be continued 


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