When uni­corns are flying to the stars

The sys­tem. This post fol­lows the one about uni­corns. Let’s see where it leads us. The first time I saw a uni­corn, I didn’t reco­gnize it. I pro­ba­bly cros­sed many of them during my life and didn’t reco­gnize them. They dress like anyone else. They behave in a nor­mal way. They talk the same lan­guage we do. But they have some­thing we don’t have when we live in the sys­tem. They par­ti­cu­lar­ly deli­ver results. They heal­thi­ly deli­ver results. They hap­pi­ly deli­ver results. Like in a dream, they can achieve so much more than someone in the sys­tem. You may alrea­dy have met one or more in your life. Like me, you may have noti­ced it or not.

Uni­corns are people who mar­vel­lous­ly defy nor­ma­li­ty. They do more, bet­ter, fas­ter and in a hap­pier way we do things. Not all uni­corns are natu­ral lea­ders. Uni­corns usual­ly change the world during the time they are somew­here. Unfor­tu­na­te­ly for those who bene­fit from their magic, it won’t last fore­ver. Uni­corns are free souls. They can get what they want, when they want and can count only on them. Like cos­mo­nauts, they are rare. They usual­ly end up doing things we don’t unders­tand and are way before the parade.

If you are a uni­corn, you know it. My ques­tion to you is: How will you use your gif­ted abi­li­ties during your short pas­sage in our world? 


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