When the world is going to change Office and administrative support staff are amongst the top 3 job profile to be affected by automation. I can’t say that I don’t understand. In fact, as a freelance, everything I need has a tool for it. The future managers and workers will…

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When books are looking for readers Books are an amazing world. In one way, it is a colossal industry looking for customers. I can’t advise against reading and using a book. It is a good habit. However, not all contents are providing excellent results. As there is fake news in…

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When things change by themselves In which world do you prefer to live? Fantastic fantasy or boring reality? Let’s think about this. This choice is yours. Who are we to decide for other people. As long as we live and let live, I can’t see a problem in that. I…

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When motivation, is not something that easy. Let’s think about this. Was it a haiku? Anyway J What could I say about Haiku. Far than disliking it, I’m just not familiar with this kind of topic. I must say that digital freedom is about getting out of your comfort zone. What…

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