When a day may be the way

Pur­ple­Day is a move­ment that sup­ports epi­lep­sy. Well, I must say that having your day is an excellent way to talk about some­thing as it’s been a long time since I tal­ked about this disease. Let’s dive in this just a minute. Remem­brance is essen­tial, and an annual cycle is quite inter­es­ting. Consi­de­ring that an ave­rage year has approxi­ma­te­ly 365 days, you can see that having your day is quite chal­len­ging. I tal­ked about this in this blog alrea­dy. My thought for today is that sho­wing sup­port for some­thing is just sho­wing sup­port for some­thing. My ques­tion would be, where is the action? Hope­ful­ly, sup­port is usual­ly for action groups. For the purple day, awa­re­ness is the mis­sion of the purple day. But my ques­tion would remain unans­we­red; where is the action? Now that I ful­ly know what epi­lep­sy is, I read eve­ry­thing on the topic, know eve­ry­thing about the five Ws, what’s next? Get invol­ved would you ans­wer. Ok, fine, but why epi­lep­sy? Why not can­cer? Or a pea­nut aller­gy? Or drug consump­tion? Or cri­mi­na­li­ty? Well, you get the point. Remem­brance days are good for pas­sive results. But what if data over­load flood huma­ni­ty to the point that eve­ry­thing gets sta­tic and freeze all pos­sible action?


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Sources: http://www.purpleday.org

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