When the same recipe is expec­ted to give the same meal

Social evo­lu­tion is some­thing that takes time. In my opi­nion, self-moti­va­tion is the only key to the deve­lop­ment of the mind. Let’s see why. Social mani­fes­ta­tion, for or against some­thing, will always be an excellent way to get pres­sure out of the socie­ty pot. The same way tal­king about our emo­tions keeps us away from explo­sive reac­tion; social expres­sion leads to the same results. Art is good a way to express fee­lings. Social groups can do some art to express them­selves, but the chal­lenge is not to unde­res­ti­mate. Usual­ly, the easiest way people find to get this steam out is to regroup, dis­cuss, plan and exe­cute. The pro­blem with this kind of recipe is that the world is chan­ging. Ingre­dients are not that same so do are moti­va­tors. Expec­ting the same result is final­ly a mis­take we do all the time. But focu­sing on the end is to for­get the real value of the work. Like in sport, cros­sing the end line is so small com­pa­red to the bene­fits of get­ting there. If you asked me what should we do, I would ans­wer that conti­nuous dia­logue would sound the best way to change the world without going into time and resources consu­ming cycling crisis. 


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com   

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