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Books are part of our world for a long time now. Even if we are still strug­gling to convince people to consume them, their value has no price com­pa­red to any other jewel we could pos­sess. Let’s think about this. Tur­ning eve­ry move­ment of our self in time and space to plea­sure ins­tead of only seeing a pain­ful effort is the key to moti­va­tion. That’s the not hid­den sur­prise we have in front of our self so close we are used to igno­ring it. There is a contri­bu­tion for eve­ry per­son on this pla­net for a bet­ter future for each of us and this has nothing to do with being in a swim­suit on a won­der­ful yacht drin­king mar­ga­ri­ta under a splen­did sun. Hap­pi­ness can be found eve­ryw­here as it is not out­side of us but inside. Logi­cal, if it was out­side, someone would have found a tool or a drug for that. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion has a large role to play in this won­der­ful search and we can all do it. Books are an excellent way to enhance our com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills. So why not go to your local libra­ry, get a book and start rea­ding it, but this time, see it as if the author wrote this book just for you because in fact, this what I’m doing right now. I’m not pic­tu­ring a bil­lion people rea­ding those lines, but just a single per­son who I’m tal­king to, and hoping we could meet some­day and share a cup of tea.


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