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When holi­days hide moti­va­tio­nal controls

Almost all holi­days find their roots in long-for­got­ten his­to­ry. The majo­ri­ty are the ground for major social events and beha­viors that hap­pen some­times all around the world. Let’s see what else hide behind these cele­bra­tions. Most of them are spe­cial dates we know for as long as we are born. Our clo­sest rela­tions often cele­bra­ted these. For many of us, cele­bra­ting the new year is as natu­ral as gree­ting a long time friend. But these spe­cial days had their first occur­rence. To ensure people remem­ber some­thing or to enforce some habits or beha­viors, these are all good rea­sons for these to be. Reli­gions found in these prac­tices a good lever to inter­act with their fol­lo­wers in an indi­rect way. As long as you get the right anchor to make people agree that these could turn into cus­toms and you are good to go. The part they didn’t plan was that cus­toms are so hard to remove that people would even make them evolve to give them a taste of fre­sh­ness appro­priate to their epoch. Today’s new seats of influence are cor­po­ra­tions. Will their mar­ke­ting stra­te­gies will last as long as their main dog­ma­tic com­pe­ti­tors. Never­the­less, it reminds me some­thing familiar…


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