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Why having a Mother Lan­guage Day

Well, tren­ding tag today is divi­ded bet­ween Mother­Lan­gua­ge­Day and Alien­sA­re­Pro­ba­bly­Thin­king. I decide to choose the for­mer as the lat­ter is about humor and confor­mi­ty, a sub­ject I recent­ly cove­red in my pre­vious blogs (See here and here). So let’s go for the first one! Honest­ly, I don’t get the point to have a mother lan­guage day. First, I think that “mother” term refers to some­thing too accu­rate for this case. Ano­ther point is that we do not choose this first lan­guage. What would have been our choice if could make it? Could our choice real­ly be: “Let’s make sure we all speak dif­ferent lan­guages so we are cer­tain to not unders­tand each other.”. The main point of this day is more about the cultu­ral aspect behind all lan­guage and I do total­ly agree with that. The lan­guage “pic­ture” concepts but concepts often lack com­mon unders­tan­ding. A single word can mean dif­ferent things among a group as the concept behind is too vague. As the future is in per­pe­tual change, who knows what the lan­guage map will represent in future? The last point would be that the first lan­guage has a connec­tion with our secu­ri­ty and belon­ging layer. Indeed, lan­guage has its moment in time were spea­king a dif­ferent tongue was asso­cia­ted to a social clea­vage. For sure, aliens will not speak or even think that same way we do.


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